A Small Snippet of My Collection


So far, Out of my Space Wolves I have only a few fully completed models, the rest is all partly done or sprayed only or simply not even sprayed. With my Space Wolves I managed to spray most of them with The Fang to begin with however, now that is no longer available I have substituted with Grey.

So First up is Bjorn the Felhanded, my absolute favourite model out of my entire collection simply because hes pretty bad-ass and not because of the painting because honestly, thats pretty average.


My painting isn’t that grand but I get the job done and when I have a few painted I am sure they will look pretty good together! Next up are 3 of my Thunderwolves – Wolves alone as the riders are not completed yet…

I think my favorite feature of these is the rusted thousand sons head on the base of the main wolf.

Rest assured this is not all of my painted models – I can’t bare to put up any of my others just yet, taking photos really highlights all their flaws, so I will fix some things up and post them as well!

Let me know what you think though! Remember to leave me as many comments and criticisms as possible please! X


4 thoughts on “A Small Snippet of My Collection

  1. The first picture with Bjorn is crisp and clear. It is much better than the wolves. Try to aim for that quality when you post. Photography is still a challenge for me. I have lots to learn yet. Check out Broken Paintbrush and Creative Twilight. They do some tutorials on photography.

    A tip for Bjorn. Paint a highlight along the edges and the model will pop more. You started 2013 so you’re doing very well for being in the hobby for a short amount of time. Practice makes perfect. You’re further along than I was three years in. Read tutorials. Look at lots of photos. Experiment. Most of all- have fun. I look forward to your WIP posts.

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    1. Thank you so much, I most definitely will check those pages out! I have a slight issue with photography currently as my phone is my only source until I am able to afford a new camera. However, I am sure I can do better than I currently am even with a phone.

      It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to have read through and give me advice. I will give that a go for Bjorn, I am sure it will make the world of difference.

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      1. Always room for improvement right. Photography is the one I have to improve on a lot. I bug my wife a lot to take photos. She is far better at it than I am. A camera phone can still do the trick. There are dome really good quality cameras on phones these days.

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      2. Funnily enough since this conversation I have sent my Fiancé out to get materials to better set up our photography area and downloaded a better camera app after reading some material from the sites you recommended! I can’t wait to get home from work at give it all a try!

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