Hello and Welcome to My Warhammer Story! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and view my current projects. This blog is set up to document my Journey from a quiet and shy gamer to one who is willing to at least play a game outside of her own house!

So lets get some introductions out of the way – My name is Nacho (not really but that will do for now), I live in New Zealand with my Fiance and my kitten Archie, I have been into this hobby since 2013 starting first with Fantasy before selling those and moving on to 40k and, more recently, Age of Sigmar. My Current Armies include Space Wolves, Sylvaneth, Tau, Skitarii and Stormcast Eternals

A good majority of these blogs will be about painting, considering I have a tonne of built but unpainted models. The other thing I hope to include is battle reports – I have only ever battled my Fiance and I am aiming to push myself into the Warhammer Community (hence the blog) and just smash some people you know?

I hope you enjoy reading! Please leave me as many comments and criticisms as you can so I am able to improve and kick butt a little easier! X



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