Practising Photography

So after some lovely advice from Turkadactyl I decided to invest a little time and effort into taking better pictures of my models and boy, what a difference it has made so far! Still a long way to go but I would like to show what I have achieved so far.

My wolves are the best examples I have as the original photo was terrible –


There are a few issues with this one, firstly the angles, secondly the focus and finally the bleh white background. I was originally using my default iPhone camera, a white sheet of paper and the natural light from a large bay window behind me.

I searched for some tips to take better pictures using an iPhone and stumbled across a blog from Tale of Painters, using their advice I downloaded a new camera app (Camera+) and sent AK (my Fiance) on a mission to purchase some coloured paper, some lamps and a selfie stick!

I am super happy with the results so far, they are not perfect but I know with more practice and time I will get better!

Thanks heaps Turkadactyl! Your advice and guidance was much appreciated!

We have taken some pretty great photo’s of AK’s models also, hopefully he will show them off soon! Check him out! He has only just started a blog also. X



7 thoughts on “Practising Photography

  1. The difference between shots is significant. You can now really see all the work you put in to make those wolves pop! I really like the natural fur colours you achieved and the basing depicting a frozen tundra is also very naturalistic and convincing.

    I think to show of your models these pictures are absolutely spot on. You could experiment with scenic set ups, where the artistic blur could be used to achieve visual interest. For some inspiration I recommend the Workbench blog:

    With regard to the models the only thing I could see that would improve them is to fill in the small gap between head and torso with greenstuff, but that is very minor.

    Looking forward to see some of your wood elves, as they are one of the recent GW releases that I really liked.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them, it gives me confidence to actually complete some more!
      Working with scenery is definitely something I want to try, thanks for the link I’ll check it out.


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