A Tiny Update

I have no self control! I started this blog to both help me gain confidence in the Warhammer Community and to find inspiration and motivation to complete what I already have. So what do I do? I go and get my self a new Start Collecting box of Seraphon of course.

I’ve always loved the look of them, they are so colorful and bright and that is literally the only reason I purchased them, I had no idea what their play style was like or anything. This is why I have no social life – I can’t afford one!

Lets just hope they get more action than my Skitarii or Tau! X


3 thoughts on “A Tiny Update

  1. The lizardmen were actually some of the first minis I painted. I got the Warhammer box when it was Bretonia vs Lizardmen. The models are gone now, but I still have fond memories. Given their design improved significantly I can understand the allure. Have fun painting them!

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  2. So it begins. Starting a new army before any other are finished. I’m looking at Nighthaunts already with lots of Sylvaneth to paint yet (don;t get me started on my 40K projects).


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