WIP – Alarielle The Everqueen

I adore Alarielle, she is an absolutely stunning model and quite honestly the reason I purchased my Sylvaneth army. Thank goodness I actually enjoy playing them as I went a little overboard with purchasing everything all at once! Because of this, I impatiently rushed to build her first so I was able to start painting her. As she is such a large model I decided to consult Duncan the wise on the how tos of painting her so I was sure to not make some drastic mistake – also I love his videos, so any old excuse really.

I started with Alarielle first. Unfortunately I did not have the right colour for her dress and decided to substitute with Gauss Blaster Green which in all honesty I do not love, but hey its not the worst. I also did not do the wash that he suggested for her blonde hair and instead used Zandri Dust on top of Administratum Grey with a highlight of Flayed One Flesh. I wasn’t going to put up a photo of her by herself because I can’t get a good straight angle of her but I’ve changed my mind, I’ll just induce a little neck workout – no need to thank me.


Next up is the Wardroth Beetle. This has been, so far, my favorite model to paint. I’ve got quite a bit of touching up here and there to do and quite obviously the base – otherwise its coming along nicely. Here’s the little cutie…

And together…


I can’t wait until its complete! However, I am back at work now so have less time to work on these things.

I hope you like it so far! X



7 thoughts on “WIP – Alarielle The Everqueen

  1. I love seeing how people paint that beetle. It’s one of the first things about AOS that have made me sit up and say “that’s good, that’s inspiring”.

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    1. I agree, I absolutely adore this model, and as I said in the post I purchased my Sylvaneth army based upon the fact that I wanted it! I love the variety of amazing colours and themes that people are using for it though, if I had more confidence I would have winged it a little more and followed my own ideas.


  2. Lovely work on both of them. Duncan’s tutorials are great, and often the GW studio schemes look fantastic, but there’s nothing wrong in the slightest with varying colours on a model – from a different green, etc to something entirely different – as long as you’re happy with the outcome, it’s all good.

    Make sure you post updated pics when they’re both fully done and based!

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