WIPs And Such

What a busy few weeks it has been! I have let myself down on my blog post routine, but it isn’t as though I have been neglecting my Warhammer which is a good sign as I am a shocker for getting myself caught up in other things.

Since my last post I have managed to put the first few layers on 10 of my Dryads and 5 of my Tree Revenants.


I’ve built 5 more Tree Revenants and purchased another box of Kurnoth Hunters (to be made with Scythes) and a box of Saurus Guard for my Seraphon.

No big deal but I also… PLAYED A GAME WITH SOMEONE NEW!!!!

It’s OK guys he survived – Regrowth for the win!

I decided to put myself out there and offer a game on our community Facebook page and you know what? Instant reply. Followed by instant nerves and instant realization that most of my models were unpainted – hence the reason I scrambled to make some of my models at least presentable.

Our Warhammer store’s Manager decided our game would be the start of a new Age of Sigmar Ladder campaign – how perfect was that!? So we agreed to a 1000 point game and rolled the “Take and Hold” battleplan. That meant two objectives on either side, with major victory requiring 5 or more models at each objective and no enemy models within 6″. Otherwise, a minor victory based on points values destroyed.

Now be it nerves or plain ignorance I did not read this well at all, in fact one could assume I forgot every rule under the sun also with my fumbly attempt at playing. However, I didn’t do too bad – did either player win a Major Victory? No. Neither of us actually read the battle-plan fully, so let’s just say it was a messy first game. We didn’t even read the part about Minor Victories… absolute rookies. However, if we had listened (or read?) I would have surely won a minor victory so I’m happy about that.

Though the result of the game was a little bit iffy the game itself was loads of fun, my opponent was ridiculously lovely, had a great sense of humor and was very patient with my constant need to pick up my book to check everything. Now I can’t wait to challenge someone else!

My next objectives are;

  • To base my mostly completed models. I have ordered some basing materials which should be here in the next day or two.
  • To paint more models.
  • To build my Spirit of Durthu and Kurnoth Hunters.
  • To play more games!

Thanks again for reading X




10 thoughts on “WIPs And Such

  1. Neat! Nice mini’s and I’m glad you got to play a game. I find that my own painting is energized when I can use the fruits of my labor to play fun games. I also like how you are doing the basing on these guys.

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  2. You achieved a very naturalistic wood tone that suits the miniatures well. If you order tufts and brushes I recommend to order directly from MiniNatur/Silhouette. Most retailers charge more for less and shipping from Germany is not too bad, given the packs are super light.

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