Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves

After a very long break from my dear hobby, AK and I challenged each other to a 1000pt 40k match. I decided to dust off my poor Space Wolves and put together this list –

5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons and Banner)
5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons)
5 X Wulfen (2 x Claws, 2 x Thunder Hammer + Storm Shield and 1 x Frost Axe)
3 x Thunderwolves (All with Chain Swords and Bolt Pistols)
3 x Thunderwolves (1 x Storm Shield and  Thunder Hammer and 2 x Chainswords and Bolt Pistols.
5 x Long Fangs (2 x Lascannon, 2 x Plasma Cannon and the leader had his usuals)
1 x Ulrik the Slayer

AK chose to play Thousand Sons and used –

10 x Rubric Marines (1 x Reaper Autocannon, 2 x Warp Flamers)
5 x Scarab Occult Terminators (1 x Soulreaper Autocannon, 1 x Hellfyre Missile Rack)
2 x Exalted Sorcerer (Mastery Level 3)

We rolled a 5 for the mission which was Cloak and Shadows. We each chose 3 objectives at the start of our first which we kept hush from one another.

AK won first turn and I failed to seize.

I’ve totally got this!

Turn 1


AK advanced forward 6″ and then used used his one off ‘lascannon’ blasts which each Exalted Sorcerer had. One aimed at my Longfangs, which hit smack bang on the guy he aimed at and murdered three (2 x Plasma Cannon and 1 x Lascannon). The second Psyker also hit where he was aiming, which was at the innocent Greyhunter standing in front of Ulrik. Three of my poor Greyhunters were destroyed, but brave Ulrik survived,


One positive though, I passed both leadership tests.

AK achieved no objectives this turn.

Now to my turn. I rolled a 4 on the Wulfen table for both my basic Thunderwolves and banner Greyhunters. This gave them each an extra 3″ to their movement which I only needed for my banner Greyhunters, who moved towards AK and objective 2. My Thunderwolves only needed around 8″ to get to their objective (#4). The Wulfen moved 6″ and the storm shield Thunderwolves moved to objective 5. Ulrik’s Greyhunters just advanced towards AKs Terminators. Next up was shooting, in which most failed apart from one banner Greyhunter killing Rubric Marine. The Wulfen ran 2″.

I achieved 4 objective points, 3 from securing 2 objectives and twice as many as AK, and 1 from securing objective 4.

My end of Turn 1 Graveyard – It’s not looking so great.

Turn 2
AK’s two units advance forward again and his Exalted Psykers both do some damage with ‘Baleful Devolution’ which resulted in the loss of one of the basic Thunderwolves. Unfortunately he double 6’d both of those rolls so had to roll on the Perils of the Warp table. Both times he rolled a 3 and each Exalted Psyker lost a wound. Now to shooting – his Terminators wounded one of my stormshield Thunderwolves with a Hellfyre Missile and the remaining Terminator’s combi-bolters finished him off, whilst also adding a wound to another. The Rubric Marines shot dead a standard Thunderwolf with his soulreaper cannon but unfortunately missed with everything else.

AK achieved one objective point by obtaining objective marker 2.

And it is back to me. Everyone closes in aside from my poor, lonely, Lascannon Longfang who stays where he is but manages to get a Terminator. Storm shield Thunderwolves (who have actually lost their storm shield guy now) wound the Terminator’s Sorceror with their bolt pistols and the banner Greyhunters over on the other side get a Rubric Marine with their bolters. After shooting was up I managed to charge the storm shield Thunderwolves into the Terminators who failed over-watch, however I lost my remaining Thunderwolf from the standard group to the Rubric Marines whilst attempting to charge. The Wulfen only just made their charge and managed to honour the fallen Thunderwolf by slaying 6 Rubrics with the claws, 1 with the axe, and after a failed retaliation from the Marines, the remaining Wulfen destroyed the rest and consolidated towards the Terminators (while sneakily obtaining Objective 2). In the other battle the Thunderwolves lost a guy to a power sword (one Thunderwolf remains), but managed to take a Terminator down with him.

I achieved 2 Objective points (Obj Marker 5 and Obj Marker 2).

Turn 3
AK was unable to do any pschic powers this turn so it was straight to CC in which a power sword managed to wound a Thunderwolf, who wasn’t able to get one back.

Straight back to my turn where my Wulfen flanked the Terminators and killed everything except for the Exalted Sorcerer.

AK Conceded.

Nacho Won 6-1.



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