Well I guess this is where I should explain a little bit about myself and my interest in the hobby – I am a Kiwi currently living in Kiwiland with my Fiance and adorable kitten Archie. I have been into Warhammer ever since I caved into my Fiancés pestering about starting it back in 2013, he had played it in his teens back in the UK and I had the worst of opinions about the whole thing, but considering this was towards the beginning of our relationship and I a little bit wanted to impress him (let’s keep that between us) I gave in. We started off with Fantasy, in which we each collected a few different armies, my favourite being my Dark Elves, but after finding out about Fantasy’s demise we sold our models and moved on to 40k which we have been playing ever since. We recently started collecting some Age of Sigmar models also (Why on earth did we get rid of all our Fantasy models?) The Armies I currently own include:


Space Wolves (Main)

Adeptus Mechanicus


Sylvaneth (Main)

Kharadron Overlords – check out the new shared blog at MiniAvocados

A good majority of these blogs will be about painting, considering I have a tonne of built but unpainted models. The other thing I hope to include is battle reports – I have only ever battled my Fiance and I am aiming to push myself into the Warhammer Community (hence the blog) and just smash some people you know?

I hope you enjoy reading! Please leave me as many comments and criticisms as you can so I am able to improve and kick butt a little easier! X