Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves

After a very long break from my dear hobby, AK and I challenged each other to a 1000pt 40k match. I decided to dust off my poor Space Wolves and put together this list – 5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons and Banner) 5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons) 5 X Wulfen (2 […]

WIPs And Such

What a busy few weeks it has been! I have let myself down on my blog post routine, but it isn’t as though I have been neglecting my Warhammer which is a good sign as I am a shocker for getting myself caught up in other things. Since my last post I have managed to […]


Hello and Welcome to My Warhammer Story! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and view my current projects. This blog is set up to document my Journey from a quiet and shy gamer to one who is willing to at least play a game outside of her own house! So lets […]