Stormcast Eternals

We started out Age of Sigmar journey with the Starter Set in which I took the Stormcast and my Fiance the Chaos. I purchased a few extra bits and bobs not because I loved the army as such but, in retrospect I think it was more because I loved the game its self – So for Stormcast I have;

  • Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
  • Lord-Celestant on Stardrake
  • Lord Relictor
  • Prosecutors x 3
  • Retributors x 3
  • Judicators x 5
  • Liberators x 10

I have barely painted any of these models though they are all, save the prosecutors, sprayed black. To be honest I am still not set on a colour scheme for them and honestly, I am dreading painting the Stardrake!