Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves

After a very long break from my dear hobby, AK and I challenged each other to a 1000pt 40k match. I decided to dust off my poor Space Wolves and put together this list – 5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons and Banner) 5 x Grey Hunters (Extra CC Weapons) 5 X Wulfen (2 […]

WIPs And Such

What a busy few weeks it has been! I have let myself down on my blog post routine, but it isn’t as though I have been neglecting my Warhammer which is a good sign as I am a shocker for getting myself caught up in other things. Since my last post I have managed to […]

WIP – Alarielle The Everqueen

I adore Alarielle, she is an absolutely stunning model and quite honestly the reason I purchased my Sylvaneth army. Thank goodness I actually enjoy playing them as I went a little overboard with purchasing everything all at once! Because of this, I impatiently rushed to build her first so I was able to start painting […]

A Tiny Update

I have no self control! I started this blog to both help me gain confidence in the Warhammer Community and to find inspiration and motivation to complete what I already have. So what do I do? I go and get my self a new Start Collecting box of Seraphon of course. I’ve always loved the […]

Practising Photography

So after some lovely advice from Turkadactyl I decided to invest a little time and effort into taking better pictures of my models and boy, what a difference it has made so far! Still a long way to go but I would like to show what I have achieved so far. My wolves are the […]